ADA Dental Health Week

Dental Health Week is an annual oral health promotion project organised by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) during the first full week in August. Through collaboration with media outlets, organisations, and local dental professionals, the ADA aims to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining oral health by making a habit of good oral hygiene practices such as:

  • Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Eating a balanced diet and limiting sugar intake
  • Cleaning in between teeth at least once a day with floss or an interdental brush; and
  • Regularly visiting a dentist for check-ups at least twice a year.

Australian Dental Association’s Dental Health Week. Watch your mouth campaign
This year’s Dental Health Week tagline “Watch Your Mouth” aims to reinforce these basic dental hygiene procedures by shining a spotlight on their importance in preventing bigger, more expensive problems down the line, such as excessive tooth decay, gum disease, severe tooth loss, and even oral cancer. While the consequences of neglecting basic oral health care have been carefully documented, statistics have shown that a vast majority of Australians fail to heed these basic tips. For example, the latest Oral Health Tracker released by the ADA show the following:

  • 5% of adult Australians have reported severe tooth loss (less than 21 teeth)
  • Only 55.5% of the population have had a dental check-up in the last 12 months
  • 50% of Australians only brush their teeth once a day
  • 40% never floss or clean in-between their teeth
  • On average, 71.6% of children between the ages of 9 and 18 are consuming too much sugar

With tooth decay being the leading chronic disease in Australia today, it is more important than ever to spread the word of good oral healthcare. The ADA fully promotes the best oral care education as the one from dental professional to patient, and encourages all dental professionals to open the conversation with their patients to watch their mouth and double down on the importance of making their oral health a priority towards leading a healthier lifestyle.

Feel free to contact Adelaide Hills Family Dental to schedule a dental check-up or ask for more information on how you can be doing more for your own oral healthcare.