Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Dental care for the whole family is imperative no matter your age. When a parent maintains good dental habits, this will create a positive example for your children’s dental health.

At Adelaide Hills Family Dental, we can help you achieve the best dental health for your whole family. We create a safe environment where your children feel welcome and comfortable.

Our range of dental treatments for kids includes check ups, cleans, x-rays, fillings, fluoride treatment, mouth guards, and preventative care to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Your child’s baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth and creating good oral health early will promote life-long habits.

When should my child first see a dentist?

We recommend your child have their first visit at approximately age 3, however, we encourage you to come in earlier if you notice any problems or abnormalities prior. 

At the first visit we will make sure there are no cavities or other problems, our team will be happy to show you how to maintain the health of your children’s teeth to prevent future complications.

Our pediatric dentistry services include –

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides eligible children with a benefit of up to $1000 for basic dental services.

  • Children between 2 to 17 years
  • Must be enrolled in Medicare
  • Dental services are capped at $1000 over 2 consecutive calendar years

If your child is eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule then we bulk bill Medicare on your behalf so there would not be any out of pocket expense.

At the time of making the appointment we will ask for your Medicare card number and patient IRN and do a check with Medicare to confirm eligibility and available balance for your child.

For more information payment options and kids dental please contact our friendly team.