Examination & Treatment Planning

Are you looking for a comprehensive oral health exam and treatment? Adelaide Hills Family Dental recommends regular check-ups to prevent common dental diseasesThe dental exam is crucial for any treatment you will receive here at Adelaide Hills Family Dental. An exam will be done prior to any treatment is performed.

Receiving an oral check up examination regularly is necessary to maintain your oral hygiene and to prevent common dental diseases such as tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, periodontitis and cracked or broken teeth.

We complete a comprehensive examination which will include an overall oral health and hygiene check as well as any x-rays necessary. The check up entails a meticulous examination of your mouth, teeth, and gums, as well as a series of questions concerning your oral medical history and background. During your appointment, you will be free to ask any questions and discuss any dental issues you may have.

Any findings during the exam will be noted and discussed with our patients, explaining our recommendations for a tailored dental treatment plan. We will also make sure that you are informed about the basics of oral hygiene, in addition to common mistakes you should avoid concerning your dental care.