Supporting Still Aware

Adelaide Hills Family Dental was proud to support the Still Aware Garden Gala on Friday night. Still Aware
is a charity that brings about much needed awareness to the tragic event of a baby born still and supports families that go through still birth.

The organisation, based in Adelaide, works from the ground up to create awareness, express support, and lobby for the prevention of still births all across Australia through various programs and initiatives. It’s backed by both real people who have undergone the tragedy of a stillbirth and noted professionals in the field of medicine.

On an individual level, Still Aware acts as a counselling and support system for families who have had the tragic experience of having a stillborn. It encourages dialogue and open communication to families and within families as they cope with their loss through a number of avenues (forums, workshops, special events, etc). It also provides awareness about pregnancy practices to minimise the possibility of a stillbirth.

On a national level, Still Aware actively lobbies to keep awareness of stillbirth prevention high up on the policy agenda list as a way of creating a more impactful difference in the lives of families nationwide. When legislation dictates protocol on institutions by implementing practices that help prevent stillbirth, statistics on this birth tragedy will hopefully see a significant increase.

The hope is to develop a wider, more meaningful and information-laden discourse on stillbirth prevention to make expectant couples and new families become aware of what they can do to decrease the chances of stillbirth.

The charity gala was a wonderful night for a wonderful cause.